AOKP Rom Now Available on the DROIDX!


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Oct 6, 2011
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More DroidX development is here! Last week we announced CM9 for the DroidX, and this week we announce AOKP by developer Roman, and ported to the DroidX by developer ZeroSpeed8! For those of you who are not familiar Android Open Kang Project is a Rom that was built from CM source on the GalaxyNexus and became a MONUMENTAL hit in the Android community. The original rom gained tons of popularity and the original thread over at rootzwiki hit 1,000,000 views in a month! Just in case you were wondering the Rom really is awesome enough to deserve that much attention. It has brought tons of new originality and innovation to our beloved community! Now it is available for the device that really got the ball rolling!


This Rom is very much in the Alpha stage and for some it will just be unusable. One of the biggest flaws for this early build is that it is stuck in landscape as you can see from the screenshot above! Also the camera doesn't work, youtube doesn't work, charge only mode (when usb is plugged into the pc) does not work. That being said these problems should be ironed out in later builds. I also think this Rom really is worth a flash and will be usable for many because data works, calling works, and pretty much everything minus what was listed above is working. This Rom brings more customization to the DroidX than any Rom prior! There are just sooo many options in the Rom Control box that you could literally play around with it for hours (I often do when setting up a fresh install of AOKP on other devices). Other than that the shear speed and fluidity of this Rom make it worth a try! At the very least its worth supporting a developer that is supporting this device that has been left behind by so many!

Grab the Rom here Via Rootzwiki

pdate: apparently the link was pulled because some where experiencing bootloops. Still very interesting to see that it can be done on the X! Some other dev's may still be able to help with getting this thing bootable for all in the near future. Keeping an eye on this!​
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