Anyone else have issues with image resizing on "candy bar" style screens


Apr 12, 2012
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Hey guys, first of all I'm new to the forums so this will be my first post. My question is if anyone has had issues with image resizing with the LG Spectrum or similar phones. It has a "candy bar" style screen (4.5-inch True IPS screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels). My game works perfectly on every android device I own except for the spectrum, and my friends all say that everything resizes correctly on their phones. Most of my resize code involves the Matrix class. My bitmaps resize to about 7/6 of what they should resize to, however, they resize correctly on all other phones/ tablets I have tested it on. If anyone else has had experience in this area, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks guys,

Emil Stewart
XK Software Development

Btw, my game is called "Zombie Chaos Alpha", and is currently in Alpha testing. Feel free to check if out if you'd like! :)