Any good SMS/MMS backup apps?


Aug 6, 2010
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I've been looking for an application that doesn't mess up the chronological order of the SMS/MMS messages received. Very few if any free apps have MMS backup and I resorted to trying MyBackup PRO. But this particular app when restoring both SMS/MMS it messes up the order of the messages received and almost always puts the MMS in front and sometimes duplicate SMS in front also.

Anyone know of an app that will give a 1:1 backup and restore?

Sadly that doesn't support MMS backup yet or if at all soon. :(
Just save the MMS pics/videos you get to your SD card as they come in and use one of the apps that don't support MMS yet. You can't receive that many important MMS can you? Even if they are important, save them to SD, problem solved.
I realize I can do that but I much prefer to just keep the layout of my SMS/MMS messages so when I go through and browse previous entries it's all there in chronological order.

If there isn't such an app on the market then let me know but for now still searching..
"backup to gmail"

all my texts and pictures sync to my gmail. Great stuff.