Any Advantage In Switching To Wi-Fi?


Nov 20, 2009
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A friend of mine just showed me how to switch my Droid over from 3G to Wi-Fi whenever theres a network available. It seems to work much better on Wi-Fi and I was wondering if there are any other benefits to it. Should I use Wi-Fi on it whenever I can or just leave it alone?
Wifi is definitely faster, but will also use up the battery faster. I use it all the time at home though, because the 3g coverage here isn't the best.

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Use it whenever you can have a secure WiFi connection, but turn it off otherwise or it will draw on battery looking for it. While it is available and on, it uses less battery than 3G and download speeds are much faster.

Edited to add: I see Johnny Kansas has different info about WiFi using more battery, I think that there is a debate about that, but I have no expertise.
Sorry. I'm hopped up on cold medicine. I think you might be correct that it uses less when it's connected. I feel like I ran some tests a while back and that sounds right.

It DEFINITELY drains the battery if you have it on, but aren't connected to a network with a strong signal.

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