3g vs wi-fi


Apr 24, 2010
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this is my first phone with wi-fi and is better to run it off the wi-fi or 3g network? which drains the battery less? is faster? overall better for my outstanding phone? :motdroidhoriz: my verizon store guy turned it off and i'm not sure if it was a good or bad thing, but I turned it back on! and help or suggestions?
Wifi's useless if there's no wifi network to connect to. If you're someplace you know has wifi and need the extra speed turn it on. Or are on the phone and wanna do things online. If you always leave it on it'll use some resources looking for access points and whatnot, but nothing cataclysmic.

Conversely, if you get a weak 3g/1x signal somewhere your phone will burn battery trying to hang on and amplify it. So if you're underground and not using your phone (sucks working in a bunker like me lol), you can save some battery life by turning your radio off. Perfect time to turn on wifi if there's a network available.

Or you could just leave everything on all the time. Unless you're a super heavy user it really won't have a dramatic impact on your battery.