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Nov 26, 2010
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Inland Empire -- Southern California
Hello All Fellow Droid Users!

I've had my Droid Incredible for several months now and learn more about it every day. I'm anxious to learn how to save more battery power and what type, if any, extended battery to use. I love to add applications to my phone, so I'll be cruising different forums for these, and other, answers.

Looking forward to meeting many of you here. :icon_ banana:
:welcome: to the Droid Forums.

I really wish I had a macro to discuss battery issues, because IMHO it's a battle that can't be won. These phones use a lot of juice, and your best bet for using them and still having peace of mind is to purchase an extra battery (I have two) and a charger of some sort (I have a wall charger, 5.00 on eBay).

Otherwise you will just not be able to enjoy your phone constantly worried about your battery. It doesn't cost a lot of money and it just provides such good piece of mind.

A small investment for a good product is worth it. I don't know what's available out there for the Incredible, I recommend checking Amazon for your battery and eBay for a charger.
Welcome to D/F - anything you need along the way, just ask :wink: