AnTuTu Benchmarks For SGS3 Beat Competition with 4212 Dual-Core


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

We found some interesting results when running AnTuTu benchmarks on our Galaxy Nexus. At the top of our list the winning device on AnTuTu is the Samsung Galaxy SIII! Now, besides the fact that the benchmarks show the SGS3 dominating every other device on the list, the other interesting thing to note is that the phone's info shows the SGS3 using the Exynos 4212. This is the same chip that is in the SGS2! At first blush this seems ridiculous... How could the SGS3 be so much faster that the SGS2 if it is using the same chip? There are two things that could account for this. One is that the AnTuTu benchmarking software doesn't have the correct ID information to name the new Exynos Quad-Core Chip, thus it is defaulting to the closest thing it thinks is the name of the chip (I have seen this with PC benchmarking before). The other is that this is some more advanced version of the 4212 chip from Samsung. More than likely it is the first theory, rather than the second.

One other interesting thing to take from this is that the SGS3 that is showing up in the AnTuTu benchmarks has a 12MP camera. It seems that there are more mysteries and questions surrounding this phone release than before. Regardless, if these benchmarks are to be believed then the SGS3 should be a very powerful device!