Animated Icons Brings A Bit Of Life To Your Notification Bar


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Oct 6, 2011
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Most of you here enjoy modding your device. If you aren't running a full out custom rom then chances are you are probably at the very least rooted and running the Xposed Framework. We like to customize every aspect of our phones from wallpapers, to bootanimations, to themes, and even our launchers. Many of you like to download and install various icon packs. Basically we do our best to make our device as personal as we can. One part of the homescreen that is often overlooked when customizing is the notification icons. When an email or text message comes in we are pretty much forced to look at the same old static icon that we always have looked at.

Developer "hulgo" has decided to liven up the notification bar with his new Liveicons. This is an Xposed module that will replace your static notification icons with icons that include motion. This module will allow you to replace your sms icon with one of two animated icons. You can choose between "breathing" and "flip" icons. This module will work with any Android device that is running a Rom that uses the AOSP messaging app. So far the SMS icon is the only one that can be changed, but hopefully we will see other icons customized later. Head to the link below for the download.