Android OS vs Windows, etc.


Oct 13, 2010
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I'm not a computer geek. I drink real beer, not the virtual stuff.:)
There seems to be a bit of pride involved when discussing Android OS and how it compares to other OS.
My question is: Is Android "Better" than other operating systems?
I've read threads about people wanting to run Android on PC's and can't fathom why.
People get uppidity when comparing Android to Apple, etc.
Is this all a pride thing or is Android OS really better than Windows and apple?
Please educate me.
Well running Android on a Nettbook/Smartbook is not a great idea seeing that the entirety of the OS is based on touch input. That being said Android as a mobile OS compared to the other mobile offerings is more robust and open. The only mobile OS that, in my opinion, comes close to Android in terms of features and flexibility would be WebOS 1.x and 2.0 that is available on the Palm Pre Plus / Pixi and the new Palm Pre 2. The other mobile operating systems are not nearly as powerful or flexible. The other offerings, RIM, iOS 3.x / 4.x, WM 6.5.x / WP7, Symbian and Meego while nice still don't offer the openness, power, features and flexibility of Android.
In the mobile world Android IMO is far superior to iOS and windows phone 7. Its open source, allows for cusomization and is far more intuative to use. The big thing with apple vs iOS is Steve jobs and his attitude to towards not only android but anything not apple related. That's why many of us android users get uppity about. Now in the PC world I think as of now windows is superior. Android is meant for mobile applications right now. Now when Google's OS drops I think Microsoft will be given a run for their money.

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