Android N Root Users Running Into Some Issues, Here Is Why


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Android N Developer preview has only been out for a few weeks. Of course Chainfire had it rooted in a matter or hours, but it seems that many root users are having problems with specific root apps. Chainfire has offered his explanation of why.

According to Chainfire the reason these problems are occurring is Android's recent shift away from "toolbox" and towards "toybox". They have been heading in this direction since Marshmallow and have officially removed toolbox mount support.

The three boxes on Android are toolbox, busybox, and toybox. These boxes provide implementations for various basic unix commands – similar to those GNU Core Utils provides on various Linux distributions.
toolboxwas until recently the standard Android implementation.busybox is pretty much the standard box outside of Android, GPL-licensed, and has been ported to Android by many.toyboxis a BSD-licensed alternative tobusyboxcreated by a formerbusyboxmaintainer.toyboxfirst appeared on Android in M, and is slowly replacing thetoolboximplementation for various commands.

These commands are mostly used by root apps, device scripts, and adb shell / terminal emulator users.

Many root apps need to execute commands provided by these boxes. While the base command is generally the same, the accepted parameters, exact working, and output, will differ between implementations, and different versions of those implementations.

It seems Root apps on Android N will be broken until developers of root apps go into the apps and fix the failing command issue. Chainfire has done due diligence to get some of these apps working with a fix inside of SuperSU. Head to the link below for a more in depth explanation.

via +Chainfire