Android KitKat 4.4.4 on Wednesday for VZW Xs?

Haven't found a need to root this one. I rooted my first couple of Androids because I was trying to squeeze performance out of them. This thing has remained so snappy.
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I'm trying to be patient and wait until VZ decides that it's my turn. I tried pulling it but I got nothing so far.
I tried yesterday and got "phone is up to date". But when I woke up this morning the update was waiting for me to install.
I gave it one last try last night around 1230, just before I went to bed and I was able to pull it. The only thing I was really waiting for was the new dialer. I couldn't stand the old recent call list. I hope this one is better. The update cleared my list so we'll see what it looks like after a few calls.
For those that haven't received it yet, the article I linked has fairly easy to follow instructions for downloading and intalling yourself.
Got my update earlier today. Did a manual check and it started downloading it. I haven't really messed with it much to see any difference, though I did notice the new dialer.
My update came this morning after 2:30am. Haven't had a chance to look it over since I'm at work.