android keeps opening camera without opening it


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Oct 10, 2010
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same as title says my sister just started getting this problem about 1 week ago shell be scrolling down her screen on facebook or anything scrolling and her camera will pop up

its the only phone she has and needs it working right for work
its an android original brand new outa the box

she doesnt even have to press the button shell simply graze her finger along the button and it will also start up the camera

shes irritated and the day she was gonna send it out for a due date they were closed so she is stuck with it

i wonderd if there is a hard reset i can try or any solutions

im sorry if im posting something thts already been asked but im in a rush to post it

any help would be nice

is there possibly a disable feature she can do or anything x.x
Did you ever get this solved? Mine just started doing the same thing.