Android developer job in Sunnyvale


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Feb 21, 2011
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We need an Android developer for one of our clients in Sunnyvale,CA.Please do see the requirements and respond if you are interested in this job opportunity to [email protected]

(Location Update from Previous Post)
The Project is about an innovative new way to meet People Sharing the Same interests.

Not only will you be involved in developing a Brand new way of thinking Mobile Interaction also you will be included in an International team with Portuguese, Dutch and Luxembourgish developers sharing the same passion as you, Developing the mobile Future.

The company is currently located in Sunnyvale, CA and ideally you should come by to meet the team and get acquainted with our MO.

Some quick pointers on what you need to be familiar with:

- Overall good knowledge of the Official Android SDK
- XML (json) implementations and data handling via the Android SDK
- General HTTP request handling
- GeoLocalization calls
- Addressbook and other core Application data handling (other
data-stores like SMS DB)
- cross-application data handling (in a later phase)

You will get an insight into our existing iPhone application which means the ramp-up time will be effortless!

As to the Project itself the main idea is combining your whereabouts, and most importantly, YOUR interests with the interests of OTHERS.