Android Car Stereos


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Jun 3, 2015
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Hi all.

I am considering getting an Android 4.4 based car stereo. I listen to podcasts which are long mp3 files so I am wondering if anyone who has one might know if it will start where I left off the next time I get into the car. Maybe without having to open the audio app and pressing play etc... I'm not that familiar with Android so don't really know the basics.

Thanks for your thoughts.

This stereo for example: Pure Android 4 4 OS Car Stereo 2 DIN 3G WiFi GPS DVD Player Bluetooth iPod Radio eBay
I'm not super familiar but I do believe you should be able to load an app that will allow you to do as you are asking. Although without more reading I can't be certain.

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I've never looked into them myself. Do you need some kind of data plan for them, or how does that work? Anybody familiar? I haven't really looked into these devices yet.