Android 4.2.2 Now On Intel, and Dual Boots Windows 8!


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Oct 6, 2011
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We have all seen the comercials for the Windows 8 laptops that have touch screens and either fold over to make a tablet or eject from a keyboard dock to turn into a full blown tablet. That is great and all except that in tablet form you are still using Windows 8. For most this can be an issue if not familiar with the new operating system. Lots of consumers have voiced there desires for dual booting laptops that would run full fledged Windows 8 while reverting to a more traditional Mobile OS like Android when in tablet mode. This would be the best of both worlds.

Intel released Android 4.2.2 development code last night. Android4-4.2.2_r1ia0 was is based on Jelly Bean and is targeted towards Intel powered desktops, notebooks, and Tablet PCs. This version of Android still appears to be a work in progress. It is pretty buggy at this point in time. Who knows when consumers will see this kind of thing on the market. It is great to see Intel working on this. I cant wait to see this come to an ASUS ultrabook.

Via TGdaily