An App Idea, but can't code


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Dec 15, 2009
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I've got a Moto Droid, and I'm a graphic designer. I know HTML and CSS and all the web stuff, but I only had a little experience with C++ in high school, and thats it…*I've got an idea for an app that is sort of like Google Maps…*shows your location on a map, save your position, tracks, trips, etc etc…*I think this could be huge because theres only 1 or 2 out there like it, you have to pay for them, and user comments for them aren't very good…*I think I can do so much better lol… Can someone point me in the right direction with this?

I've been on the Dev site. Got the SDK and ADT plugin, but haven't gotten Elipse because theres like 10 different programs (I'm on a mac)…*The biggest thing holding me back is that I'm not a programmer, but am willing to learn if I'm able to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
First you will need to learn Java, because it is the programming language used for creating Android applications. Then as far as an IDE goes I'd suggest you get MotoDev Studio. It puts everything as far as all of the pieces you will need together, so that you can begin developing applications pretty quickly.

MOTODEV > Documentation & Tools > MOTODEV Studio
Its pretty much MotoDev or Eclipse... And while you "can" program in c++ it would be with the NDK and not really what the NDK was designed for Java is similar in that it is an Object oriented language for developing help/reseources I would suggest another forum actually... (not associated but found them after being woefully frustrated with the lack of info here)