Amon ra's recovery image issue Droid Eris


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Jun 3, 2010
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Saint Cloud MN
I just got my Droid Eris about a month ago. I have never owned a smartphone before, but being the curious person I am, I began to look into the process of rooting my phone so I could flash in some custom roms. So

I finally sat down today to go through the process of rooting my phone using the tutorial I found here: How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Droid Eris (Updated ? 04.08.2010) | TheUnlockr

So, I finally get down to the last shell command, where I'm guessing it's flashing the amon's recovery image to the recovery partition:

adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img

And I get this long string of errors

mtd write error at block (00x00000(or whatever other numbers))
Error writing recovery no space left on device

I have something in the order of 500mb left on my sd card, I really didn't think I would need more. Has anyone else run into this?