Ambient Notifications From Nexus 6 On Your Nexus 5!


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Oct 6, 2011
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While the Nexus 6 has been a huge success there are several of you who have told me you won't be purchasing the device because of the enormous size. Many of you are still loving your Nexus 5 however you may want to grab one of the coolest features from the Nexus 6. The Ambient Display Notifications feature sends notifications to your screen. The notifications come straight to your lockscreen and appear as a black and white screen conserving precious battery. Normally you would consume a bit of extra battery by turning on your screen after seeing an LED notification. With Ambient Display Notifications you don't even have to pick up your phone to see what is going on.

You can have this same feature on your Nexus 5. You will need a rooted N5 with custom recovery installed. If your device is ready to go you will need to download the mod from the link below and flash the zip file in custom recovery. Once the mod is finished flashing boot back into Android and you will see the ambient display option in your Display settings.

Via PhoneArena