Amazon's Free App of the Day Bundle Offers 33 Titles and $110 in Value


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Amazon is having an awesome end of year sale for mobile users. They are offering 33 paid Android apps for free until tomorrow. This ends up being about $110 in total value if you downloaded all of these apps and games. Here's a quick rundown with links to the titles (in no particular order):

Happy belated Christmas from Amazon!

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I used to get Amazon apps when something I liked popped up as free. I never knew until on a road trip once that if you fail to log into Amazon at regular intervals (I think 30 days) the apps were not available to you unless you were online. That became a real issue for me and have not seen any reference to this limitation anywhere. I wound up with a 10 hour bus trip with many of my favorite time killers not working. Turned me off to the Amazon app store. It never happened again as before a long trip I always made sure to use one at least briefly while home. Just a heads up!