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May 25, 2010
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Hey All,
I bought a Maxx off Amazon site on 2/23/2012 and yesterday Verizon had a $100 off any 4G phone. So I decided to take advantage of that offer and return the amazon purchase. I called Amazon and they emailed be a UPS label. I shipped out the phone yesterday and they should receive it within a week. Furthermore, I read amazon return policy on their site and clearly states that I can return the item within 30 days but I would have to cancel the service myself since they dont contact my carrier. So I called Verizon yesterday to cancel the line, however, they declined to cancel it. Stating that once Amazon gets the phone, they will cancel the service themselves. i explained to the rep that Amazon site clearly states they dont cancel account but I would have to cancel it. He put me on hold and came back with the same response. AMazon has to cancel the account once they receive it. In addition, Verizon CS said if I cancel the account with them, Amazon would charge me an ETF fee for removing the phone. I am really confused and dont know what to do. My 14 days to cancel line with Verizon expires on 3/7. I doubt Amazon can cancel my account in a timely matter. Has anyone experienced this?? :frown: