Amazon Kindle Fire to Come with Amazon Silk Cloud-Accelerated Web-Browser


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Dec 30, 2010
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It appears that Amazon is not content to just jump into the tablet market with just the tablet and its content, but is also including its own custom Cloud-accelerated web-browser as well. Amazon's new web-browser that will come with the Kindle Fire, is called "Amazon Silk" and the name is meant to be evocative of an "invisible, yet incredibly strong connection", as well as describe the silky smooth way their browser supposedly surfs the web. Here's a quote from the Engadget article with a few more details,
...Amazon Silk -- a "split browser" exclusive to the tablet that gets the heavy lifting done on its EC2 cloud servers and promises faster access as a result. Dubbed Silk to represent an "invisible, yet incredibly strong connection", it takes advantage of Amazon's existing speedy connections, and that so many sites are already hosted on its servers to speed up web access. Another feature is its ability to learn from previous web surfers and use their data to determine how to render a page, and which sites to precache on the device before you even select the next link.
Above is a video demo of "Silk." What do you guys think?

Source: Amazon-Tablets via Engadget