Amazon Echo Purchase Invites Started Hitting In-Boxes Two Days Ago; Some Have Already Shipped


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Dec 30, 2010
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The first few Amazon customers to get invites to purchase the first slate of discounted Amazon Echo devices have started receiving their email invites. One of our DroidForums HQ family members was lucky enough to be one of the first with an invite. Her Amazon Echo invite hit her in-box two days ago, and she already ordered it. The device has already shipped and should arrive on her doorstep either today or tomorrow.

She has graciously offered to let us demo the device, and we plan on sharing a writeup and video hands-on with it early next week. Sound off and let us know if you were one of the lucky few who also received the Amazon Echo invite to buy it for only $99.99.

Here's our dedicated Amazon Echo section for more discussions on this intriguing new product: Amazon Echo Android Forum at

Jonny Kansas

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Jan 21, 2010
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Looking forward to more info and "real person" reviews on this thing. I just can't wrap my head around why I'd want to spend $100 on this when I can pull my phone out of my pocket, but maybe I just don't come up with enough things to Google throughout the course of my day.

I also feel (as I've stated in other threads about the Echo) that it would be my luck that it would always be in the wrong room when I needed it, whereas my phone generally comes with me, or at the very least, can be easily picked up and moved into the room I need it. The Echo seems like it'd be a little cumbersome to move around frequently, especially if you're in the middle of trying to accomplish something that you need to be able to ask it questions for.

But maybe I'm wrong. I'm willing to believe I could just be missing the big picture. So I'll wait for you fine folks to put it through it's paces and then wait even longer for the new to wear off and see if it's still something that's actually useful to you before making my official final judgement.

Good luck! Haha