Alarm snoozes by itself after 2-3 seconds. Anyone had this issue?


Nov 12, 2011
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This is a strange one. Every third or fourth time I use the alarm it seems to immediately snooze itself after 2-3 seconds. I've gone through all the settings and verified that "Side buttons" are turned off for snooze/dismiss but I can't find anything else to try. So far I've only noticed it in the belt clip holster and not when plugged in but there's been a few times I didn't hear it ring on A/C power too so it may happen both ways.

Has anyone had any similar issues with the alarm clock? Any ideas and/or better replacement ones? Any input appreciated!
I haven't had that issue yet but I have had my alarm not work at all one time so far. Luckily I had a backup alarm.

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Yeah, I've owned two Android phones now and it seems that relying on it as an alarm is risky business. I've always had spotty issues with it not going off for some reason or another. I recall when I had my Eris it was some sort of timing issue with the phone not updating it's time until the screen came on so it would plow through alarms. There was a huge thread on XDA about it if memory serves.

Guess I'll try another app and see if that helps.