Alarm Clock after update sucks!

Actually found a bug in the new ics alarm - after it went off this morning, I tapped the screen to snooze and it kept going off. I then tapped it a few extra times and noticed the popup gone. I no way to stop the alarm except for rebooting.

If you tap somewhere not on the popup button it seems to keep going off but the buttons disappear... you can bring them back by clicking on the notification though.
Is there any way to add new alarm sounds?
Is there any way to add new alarm sounds?

yes 1 of 2 ways. if rooted you can manually apply via root explorer then system>media>audio>alarms but you would have to change it .ogg file.. or by using the built in by going into alarm tapping sound then music then look for it on your phone.. this can be any format.
Just updated my razr and cannot use songs for alarms in the new clock. This is(was) how I woke to face the day. The clock settings do not allow any options for using my songs as the clock alarms,nor does the the music player allow setting a song for a ringtone. Anyone know a way around this. Always lose something useful on this phone every time I update.

I use Alarm DROID, like all the options it gives you...
Thanks for the Alarm Droid suggestion. I like it better than a couple other alarm apps I have looked at.

Question though, why do alarm apps monitor phone calls? Is my dislike of all the install agreements, like phone call monitoring, apps require misplaced...paranoid?