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Dec 25, 2009
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Title pretty much says it all. I've been experiencing the data connection issues (with and without the leaked radios) with my Gnex. I've pretty much just dealt with it, its not a massive issue for me, just an annoyance. Airplane mode on, off, fixed, no big deal. However, over the past two days that I've witnessed, I've had another issue creep up. What seems to happen (I can't take a screen shot of it with Gummy's SS from holding the power button, is there an app that I could use to show it?) is the standard data issue takes place. But when I turn my device on (and seemingly while the screen is off) I'm plagued by 0 grey bars, and no data symbol. Upon holding the power button to turn the phone into Airplane mode, I'm greeted with "Airplane mode is ON" listed under it, like it was turned on, except there is no airplane graphic in place of my cell signal bars. Clicking this claims to turn it off, but I've yet to see my service actually restored from this. To remedy this, I loop it once again, turning Airplane mode on, then back off. This fixes it.

However, as anyone should be able to imagine, having my phone randomly bump into Airplane mode is quite an issue. Missing out on emails, web chats, etc from data cutting out sucks, but is manageable. Having people call and text me and not be able to get through until I remember to check to see if it's slipped into Airplane mode again is a severe issue. I use my phone for lots of things, but communicating with my cousin's small business is one of them, and during the day, I need to be able to take phone calls often.

I've Googled the issue I'm having, but I haven't found any posts anywhere concerning this specific issue, as it mostly just returns post about the data connection and Airplane mode fixing the issue temporarily. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? What could possibly cause it? I thought Juice Defender Ultimate may be the suspect, but I saw no mention of it controlling Airplane mode within it, only controlling data and sync. I have the option checked for it to control background data rather than just sync, to better control what's used during its screen off time, but I've seen no where where it may be using Airplane mode. Furthermore, its log is clean of any instances of Airplane mode being turned on or off, only when I manually do it. Even when I notive that my Gnex has turned on this ghost Airplane mode with no symbol, there is no mention of it within its log, only when I cycle it once again.

I'm using GummyNex 0.7.6 atm, with its included Kernal, UV'd to 1350 MHz -1175 mV, 1200 MHz - 1125 mV, 920 MHz - 1025 mV, 700 MHz - 925 mV, 350 MHz - 850 mV. As mentioned, I'm using Juice Defender Ultimate with background data controls, night mode, and screen off scheduling of sync every 30 minutes. Something that somewhat matches the time frame of this all happening, now that I think of it, is two days before this started happening, I began using the Seidio 3800 battery, though I'm uncertain how a battery could cause this. I've downloaded some games and random apps during this time period too (Pocket Legends, GPS Status, Fruit Ninja, Paper Toss, Pinball Arcade, Lair Defense: Shrine, Cartoon Wars, Draw Free, Solitaire, Shoot Bubble, TibiaME, N64 Player, some random live wallpapers, maybe more that's not coming to mind.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once I get some time, perhaps Thursday or Friday, I'll have a chance to sit down and flash other ROMs and such and see if that clears it up. Til then, any tips or info would be awesome. :)

Does anyone know of an app that may cause this? An app I could use to track down whats causing this? Anything at all would be helpful.
Sometimes if your voltages are set too low it can cause issues. Try bumping your voltages up by 25 or so

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juice defender

It is Juice Defender causing the issue. I noticed it happen on my phone a day after I installed it. I uninstalled it. Can't have that happening at random times.