Airbus answer to the 787


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Dec 23, 2009
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There are two major names in the airline industry battling to be the choice vehicle for the airline industry and they are Boeing and Airbus. Airbus gambled with the Airbus A380 that did not quite get the response they expected as they gambled on the fact that the industry wanted larger planes. Boeing on the other hand went for fuel efficiency with the 787 and was in position to move in the lead choosing right. Unfortunately between labor issues early on with their Charleston plant and the FAA grounding the aircraft in service due to APU battery fires, Airbus had time to catch up with the A350XWB a 300-400 seat aircraft using advanced light weight composites for fuel efficiency. Now how does this relate to technology? The cabin is designed to be more tech friendly for customers by providing a headrest display that looks and interact like a tablet and opens up the fact how long before we see android tablets integrated into airliners? With wifi set to improve to provide customers with faster data speeds they can eliminate the magazines and use e-books and e-magazines which will be cost efficient for the airlines.