After a long wait, Ingress comes to Android Wear


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Jan 25, 2010
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5 months after Niantic announced an update for Ingress was "coming soon" to Android Wear, it's finally going live! Ingress 1.81.0 hit the apk 'Black Market' yesterday in advance of it being widely released by Niantic. This has been a long awaited update for fans of Ingress that are also AW owners, myself included.

With this update you can see portals around you and hack them when you are in range right from your watch. It even vibrates when you are in range of a portal, although when you look at the watch it may not be the portal you can hack. This requires a swipe or two to get to the one you are in range of.

If you live in a cave and have no idea what Ingress is, or who Niantic is, here's a 30 second rundown. Ingress is a free MMO 'augmented reality game' that you play on your phone (Android or iOS) that forces you to actually go outside to play. Millions of people around the world are playing this location based game and it's spawning new social interactions in ways not even Google saw coming. Just one example is the 57 person Hangout I am in with local Cleveland players.

Niantic is a Google startup with offices on the Google campus. They call it a startup, but it's really more like a spun off company or a wholly owned subsidiary. My favorite description of Ingress: "Google created a game to get nerds to go outside and exercise!"

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