ADW Launcher Missing google bar (NOT the WIDGET)


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Oct 10, 2014
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Alcatel One Touch Fierce
I am using ADW launcher for Android on an Alcatel One Touch Fierce. I have been using this launcher for about a year without issue.

Yesterday when I was updating my applications and phone as well as changing the look of everything, somewhere along the line the google bar disappeared. This is NOT the widget bar. This is at the VERY top of the screen (where no other apps or widgets can go) and it is on every screen automatically. It has the magnifying glass, the microphone and then on the right, there is a built in button that opens the app drawer.

I have tried uninstall the updates, clear the data, reinstall the updates, reboot the phone and I checked to be sure that google search is not disabled in the settings menu.

I think it may be a screen resolution problem because when I long press anything on the home screen (where the top turns into the trash or info option), the search bar pops up for just a second and then hides itself again.


I use this multiple times a day, every day.

Thanks in advance.