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Feb 25, 2022
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Hello, not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere. I have Nook (the Barnes/Noble eReader app) and would like to download/access the files for storage elsewhere. Problem is the files are (apparently) hidden. Also they are apparently DRM'ed and without an app like "Epubor" this stamp is tough to remove. And anyway it doesn't appear they can be moved off the app. I'd like to find some way around this (so I can, you know, use the files I paid for). What are my options?
Apologies I have no clue with the Nook reader...

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A few yeas ago, I downloaded all my Barnes and Noble books to my computer. Been a few, but believe I opened them in a windows BN reading app and downloaded to the computer. Then stripped the DRM off using Epubor, then cataloging the end result epubs in calibre. I have read that BN did change the DRM to another and keeps updating to prevent the removal. Just looked at epubor's main site and they do not state they can strip off BN, they note many others, but not BN. Possibly BN finally won the fight to keep a person who purchases a book from them from reading on another device.

Will say it was the best thing I ever did, get away from BN and went to Kobo.

Someone on this site may have an idea....