A list of technical Problems - Droid II


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Feb 1, 2012
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This is a list of problems I am experiencing.

1) Text Cursor off screen
Frankly this one is literally giving me an ulcer. I need to be able to type as part of my chosen hobbies and career.

On some sites, such as those using wordpress, after a sufficient amount of text is entered the cursor will slowly descend in the text box and then literally go off screen. Editing is near impossible. In other sites such as this one, the left right size of the text box will wake some typing happen literally off screen.

Cursor must always be in view if you wish to resolve this.

2) Roaming
I drive a lot. Understatement... I get 100,000 miles plus a year. There are regions of Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and more where roaming turns off, or I get a popup saying international roaming.

Popup with international roaming with two selections, accept international data roaming rates or disable. Also random deactovates of roaming with a caution icon allowing you to turn roaming back on.

"Never turn roaming off" option

3) Web Browser - Close Windows
Big finger syndrome here, I have to try twenty times to close a single window

The close window button is to small, it is very difficult to select

Enlarge area that will trigger close window

4) Auto-Refresh
Some places I get a very slow internet. And a page will have a set mandatory refresh rate that prevents viewing at all.

I understand Google see's profit in refreshing and wishes to prevent users from disabling refresh.

Refresh rates might be set to fast for signal strength of area phone user is at.

Since Google will refuse to allow removal of autorefreshing, perhaps a 'delay autorefresh. Timer until page is fully loaded'. This would meet both needs.

5) Battery Notification
When the charger loses power a popup comes up saying to unplug charger.

Driving with a car charger can be problematic when using a map due to bumps causing the charger to 'unseat' for a moment. This results in an uneccessary popup asking us to unplug our charger to save money.

In battery options allow a person to disable the popup warning

I hope this has been written in a good manner for you to understand my frustrations, the issues, and a potential solution.