a 4500mAh extended battery for the Thunderbolt This is to big in My Oponion


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Jun 5, 2010
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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I would love it if my phone had better battery life – in fact, I wouldn’t mind it being roughly three times thicker and infinitely more cumbersome to handle, either." Have I got a product for you.
Yes everyone, a 4500mAh extended battery for the Thunderbolt, just what we’ve all been waiting for – you’ll have so much equipment jammed in your pants that Representative Weiner will be jealous.

Hey baby, is that a 4500mAh Mugen Power(R) Extended Battery in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
The folks over at Mugen have introduced yet another one of their signature ridiculously large extended batteries, and they’ve taken it to the extreme for the famously juice-thirsty Thunderbolt. Honestly, if you’re going to carry something like this around, why not just buy an external quick-charge cell and use it with a USB cable? You’d probably look less awkward with a USB cable sticking out of your pants than you would with this freak of nature in your pocket. Check out the video (complete with awkward soundtrack choice), below

Watch it Below:

[video=youtube;NHuSfX-wv7g]http://youtu.be/NHuSfX-wv7g]YouTube - HTC ThunderBolt 4G 4500mAh Mugen Power Extended Battery with Battery Door [HLI-ADR6400XL][/video]

You Can buy it here for 108$
[HLI-ADR6400XL] Buy Mugen Power 4500mAh Extended Battery for Verizon HTC ThunderBolt 4G ADR6400 with Battery Door
I have seen pictures of phones from the 80s that were smaller than that.

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Yeah but they say the batterylife is like a week fully on 4g LTE

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retarded. i'll keep my stocker and power cord.
Only $108?! Guys this is a great deal, are you all blind!? Jk. But yeah as far as batteries go, you want enough but not too much.

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Holy FLYING UNICORNS That makes the Verizon/HTC extended battery look slim. And no, I don't want my cell phone to be larger than my home phone.

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youll probably have to carry the phone in a bag. the tb needed a bigger battery yes. not a battery that will last you a week.
That thing makes the 2600 in my charge look positively svelt by comparison.
But on the bright side, it'll make your TB a multi tool. Need a step stool? Check. Jump your car? Check. The possibilities are endless!

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