4G not working? Going from blue 4G/LTE to white? Here's the solution!!


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Sep 13, 2011
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for the past 2 months i had been experiencing a problem with my droid 4 where anytime I accessed an app or the internet (aka utilizing the data plan), my blue 4G/LTE would turn white and Id have no data access. Only the ability to text or make a phone call was available. I had done numerous troubleshooting methods of power cycling, turning airplane mode on and off, force closing apps, etc. Nothing had worked. I finally decided to go down to the verizon wireless store to get a solution after not finding anything on here (besides putting my phone in 3G only).

so heres the solution!! I went to my vzw store yday and talked to my rep who is also a friend of mine. its NOT the verizon network, i repeat, its NOT VERIZON. the phones (4g phones) came out with a small batch these phones where they had this little glitch in them. He took my phone, powered off my wireless network from the phone and also disconnected my number from Verizon's system. he reconnected my number as well as my phones wireless settings, rebooted the phone and POOF, it works. its been a little under 24 hours and havent had the problem since. So if you're experiencing this problem, go to the verizon store and explain to them that they need to disconnect you from the network both via phone and their system and then reconnect it. If they try to tell you otherwise, theyre just giving you pushback to not do their jobs!

hopefully this helps you!
Any updates yet? Did the new sim card help? Please advise.

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I've had the same problem. Didn't try the OP's method, but I did get a new sim card. While sometimes my LTE just powers away, there are times when it just won't work. This was before and after the new sim card. I will be asking for a new phone tomorrow as well. This has been really irritating for me
4g just seems to be fickle in some areas. I get a few drops a day, but I'm not going to get rid of my phone because of it! I just deal with it! :)

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There may be a bad batch of these devices. My wife and I both have the Droid 4 and while mine stays locked on 4G pretty much, hers will only do 4G once in a blue moon. Side by side...mine is pulling down 20+ Mbps (speedtest app) while her's, if it connects, will do .95 Mbps. Switching her's to 3G pulls it up to faster speeds than hers does under 4G. Typically hers will show a blue icon but as soon as you do anything that pulls data it will turn white, sometimes even drop to no icon then come back and repeat until you give up.

She has a new Droid 4 being shipped and until it arrives I had to lock it in 3G just so she could use data.
Here's an update to my situation:

The reps in the store I go to found it particularly strange that my phone won't switch from LTE to 3G automatically like it's supposed to if I'm in LTE/CDMA mode. They are sending me a replacement phone. I'm happy about it, just nervous because I'm all too familiar with the notorious refurb loop that we can fall in. Here's hoping!
good luck I"m on my 4th refurb these 4's are junk
whats gonna happen when the warranty runs out?
To the OP, when you say he disconnected your number from the Verizon system what do you mean exactly? I asked at my store and all she could do was suspend my number and then reactivate it. It did work better after that but that could of been because of the power cycle to reset the phone. I just wanted to clarify what your friend did. Also I had to go to a second store because the first one told me that 4g is still new and has some bugs.It didn't seem to matter to her when I told her that I can be standing right next to my buddy with a Razr and his 4g works all day. She suggested I turn off 4g because I don't really need it. Store manager.
DROID 4 4g conn........

After ics update on my Droid 4 the 4g connection doesn't not drop at all. I've had ics for 3 days now and it only dropped to 3g once, but the rest is only 4g. It also connects really quick when using smart actions (turn off data)
I never put he SIM card in my phone so I didn't have a problem with 4G until the ICS upgrade yesterday. I thought it might be a signal issue until I talked to a friend today. He had the same issue with his Razr going to 3G. He found that his phone was defaulted to Global. After clicking on Settings enough times I found that going to Data Usage, More, Mobile networks, Network Mode and checking LTE/CDMA it stays in 4G. I just did this so I can't be sure that it cures it but it sounds logical.