4 major issues?


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Jul 25, 2010
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After update, my x got some major fun****iol problems.
first, when i use navi, it exit from navi to homescreen automatically or locked. It happens every time.
Second, phone power is turned off while doing anything.it happened twice only yeesterday.
Third, 3G network got horrible.in my home, can,t find 3G. Before update, it worked well.
Next, weather widget doesn't show temperature sometimes.

Anyone the same issues. Shoul i replace my device. Plz, help me....

I called Verizon and getting my Droid X replaced on Tuesday the 27th.

Issues I've been having.

Before the update:

Touchscreen would lock up while hardware buttons are working fine. Need to turn the screen off with power button and back on in order for it to work.

Low volume (alarms, speaker etc.)

After update:

Phone randomly restarts.

Havent used Navigation.

3G is working ok, but the signal strength goes from 1-3 bars all the time in the same spot.

As soon as I get a replacement from Verizon, I will let you know if above mentioned problems go away.

If not, I am returning this phone and getting Evo. Its retarded to have a phone with low volume, resets and reception issues. Imaging buying a new car with low brightness headlights, random engine issues, and faulty tires. Would you keep that car?