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Mar 18, 2011
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I had everything working fine yesterday when i left work.(i have full 3G access at work) and when i went home and plugged the phone in, it switched to my home wifi. Now i cant connect to 3G anywhere. Ive tried it at my house, at work and on the road inbetween.

i did the *#*# number thing to turn off 4G but it was working fine after that. I have tried switching it back and it still hasnt worked.

in the settings menu under "mobile network" the check box is marked but it says connection failed.

Any ideas guys?

*edit* not rooted yet
verizon tech diagnosed the problem as being a hardware issue... told me to go to verizon and exchange my phone immediately but wouldnt tell me what it was.

she did confirm using *228 frys the sim card but i hadnt used it so i have no idea what the issue was
my thunderbolt has the same problem, the 3g worked in the store but as soon as my battery died and it came back on it hasnt worked since. The icon displayed is an x with a circle around it (kinda hard to explain on here). Do I have to go to the store to get it fixed? This is only my first day with it..
Verizon Customer Service has confirmed I have a lemon!

I just bought my Thunderbolt today, I only live in a 3G area, and the internet worked for a few minutes after I purchased the phone, and now the internet does not work at all. I took it back to the Verizon store where I bought it, and they tried for an hour to get the phone to work, and could not. They offered to call tech support in the store, but I had to leave because someone was waiting on me in the car.

Oddly enough, I found out if I remove the battery cover from the phone while the phone is turned on, all of a sudden my internet springs to life! It will work for about 5 or 10 minutes, then the internet loses connection again.

So I just got off the phone with Verizon tech support, and told him exactly what was happening, and he almost instantly identified my device as faulty, and he authorized it to be immediately replaced. The store I bought it from also told me I could get it replaced tomorrow morning if tech support confirmed my device faulty.

Calls and texts work fine, it's just the internet that's affected.

*Note: If you remove the cover, turn it over, and you will notice 2 gold colored contacts that, when placed back on the phone, will short out (connect) the contacts on the back of the phone that it touches. My theory is that when the battery cover is removed, the short between these contacts are broken, and somehow this makes the internet connection work all of a sudden! Kind of strange huh? The Verizon tech on the phone said this is DEFINATELY not normal at all. Hope this helps anyone who's having the exact same problems on this phone!

EDIT: I also need to note that under Settings > Wireless & networks > when I try to select Mobile Network, it says Connection failed. If I uncheck it, and re-check it, it says Turning on... for a few seconds, then it says "Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable", a few minutes later, it turns to "Connection failed." And this process just repeats no matter how many times I try to enable it.
I'm having the same problem but my 3G never worked. I bought my phone yesterday and by the signal showed 1X and the lady at VZW told me it's because it's still loading. I go to the movies immeadiatley after getting my phone, turn the volume down (at this point still haven't messed with anything on my phone). After the movie I make a call, recieve a call, send and recieve texts just fine. I can't get on the internet or marketplace.
I have pulled the battery as the tech suggested when I called VZW and it works at 1X for about a minute then nothing. All I can do is make/recieve calls and send/recieve texts. I know that should be enough but with what this phone is capable of and how much I paid for it and pay monthly (for the data package) I expect more!!!!!!!!!
I did read that the release of the TB was delayed because of hardware and/or software issues, if you're going to delay the release get it right when it is finally released and make it worth while!!!!!! I'm seriously considering going back to my DX!
I was having tha same problems but my TB has since fixed itself?? Everything works great now...especially SVDO over 3G :p

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I am currently on the phone with tier 2 tech support for VZW and she said the network is currently down and that's the problem. When I told her I read other people are having this problem as well she said she is not seeing anything as far as other complaints with this problem.
Hubby said network was down for some time yesterday but they are aware and working to resolve the issue. He works for vzw in a call center here.

from the thunderbolt
This morning I looked at my TB and notice no data connection. I have it set to 4g. I toggled it to CDMA/prl using *#*#4636#*#* and 3G came up. I have software load 1.12.605.6. Not sure if the 1.12.605.9 will fix this.

Baseband version is
still not working

I am about to head to the verizon store in a few minutes to do the exchange. For what it's worth, my fiance has a HTC Incredible with Verizon, and her internet has been working perfectly yesterday, and this morning. On her phone under the EXACT same menu setting "Mobile Networks", she's got a green checkmark, and it states that it's connected. My phone will not do the same, it just keeps saying connection failed. I will post back once I get my new phone, and let everyone know if the new phone indeed solved the problem.
I just spoke with a Verizon tech and he said doing a factory reset has solved the problem for others. For me setting it to 3G is working. Hope to see a software update soon for the long term solution.

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Have you guys tried the "restart connections" app in the market? I've heard it has helped with 3g not connecting.

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Hard reset typically works in resolving the issue.

Restart connections app also apparently works.

It deals with when the phones 3g connection is terminated with errors, and for whatever reason it does not come back up. I would say hard reset, keep the phone charged, and the restart connections app periodically until they release a MR to resolve the issue.
I've been having trouble since yesterday when I installed my seido extended battery. In and out all day long. Popped the back off the phone and checked connections on the door. Everything looked good so I just put the door back on carefully locking it from the top down, and it hasn't dropped since.

Well worth a shot for anyone else. Locked on to 4G 1 hour straight now. Hope that was the problem cause I was starting to blame root/rom.

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2 thunderbolts purchase yesterday, both couldn't get on mobile internet

I got 2 thunderbolts yesterday, one for me and one for my wife. Shortly after leaving the store, they no longer could get internet. The 3G symbol would not appear at the top, and under menu->settings->wireless & networks->mobile network it would not show "connected" - only "connecting" or "connection failed" or "connect when you are not using wifi".

I found numerous posts about this problem while searching the net, including here on this board. So I though I'd put my experience down too for others who are having the same issue.

I called Verizon tech support several times today starting this morning. The first time they had me take the battery out and reboot, which didn't work. They told me that they were having 3G problems, and to try again later.

After that I tried installing the "restart connections" app, per a message I saw on this board, but it did not work for me on either phone.

Later I called VZ again, and this time the person I talked to told me they were getting numerous calls about this and were thinking it was a problem with the phone. They had me take the battery out again, which again didn't work.

A that point, they referred me to a level 2 support person. I told him I had seen numerous posts on BBs about this, and wanted to know if it was a problem with the phone or the network. He said it was a problem with the phone, that many new HTC Thunderbolts simply had their mobile network connection go corrupt. Again, I have two of these phones, and it happened to both of mine, so it must be pretty common. He said the only way to fix it at this point is to do a factory reset. I did the factory reset on both phones, and indeed it is fixed. The rep also told me that of all the people who he's had do the factory reset like this, no one has emailed him back to say it's broke again.

So in summary, there's an intermittant problem with many HTC Thunderbolts in that the network connectivity gets corrupted somehow shortly after you purchase it, and the fix is to do a factory reset.