3 New Annoying Safety Warning's Coming To Android To Alert You Of Modified Software or Corruption


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Oct 6, 2011
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"Warning about operating system safety" will be a new feature in upcoming builds of Android. These warnings will be displayed on your device for about 10 seconds on every single boot if Android discovers that your software is corrupt or has been modified. You can dismiss the message by pressing the power button, but this just becomes one big annoyance for anyone who enjoys unlocking their bootloader to load custom firmware.

I have a feeling that if you are into running roms this will probably be removed in your favorite rom once these builds start rolling out. There are three different safety warnings. The yellow warning will inform you when your phone is running a different OS, the orange warning shows up if your bootloader is unlocked and suggest re-locking the bootloader, and the red warning tells you when your device is corrupt and lets you know that your device can not be trusted. Would any of you find these warnings useful? Or is this just an annoyance?

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Definitely an annoyance.
I think there's merit to this. Maybe not so much these days, but we definitely used to have a lot of people with no experience wanting to root their devices. I think these warnings may help to remind those less experienced users that they're messing with important system files and should be careful.

Of course, if I was still into rooting and rom'ing my devices, I'd likely find it very annoying.
What happened to the days where Android was going to remain open and be a supporter of the modding community?

Oh how money changes that all....