2nd Week with my Droid


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Mar 1, 2010
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Centreville, VA
Hi All,

Just introducing myself to the boards. I just moved to the Droid. Long time Verizon customer, but had been holding off on the Droid to see if the Apple Phone came over.

Well, am I glad I made the leap to the Droid. After 2 weeks with the phone and the OS I've actually given up my iPod Touch to my daughter. My Droid does everything I could possibly need and I love the ability to extend/customize the OS to my liking.

Really looking forward to watching the Android platform grow over time. Also, looking forward to the forums here.


Hi and Welcome to the Forum!!! Tons of info here with helpful and knowledgeable members. Consider your journey, begun.

I too am a long time Verizon customer who was constantly looking for info as to when the iPhone would be coming. When the Droid was announced I really didn't know much about the Android OS. Now since getting the Droid, I really don't care when or if the iPhone ever arrives on Verizon's network.