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Oct 1, 2011
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I have two questions that I can not find an answer to

1) I have duplicates of about half of my contacts list. I have deleted all of the duplicates one by one TWICE, yet every morning they are back. WTH?

2) How can I export ALL of my phone contacts to google? I have about 200 contacts but google only shows 50. I've read that you can login to your VZW account and save your contacts to a certain file type BUT when go to VZW it shows I have 0 contacts.

Any help is much appreciated


Sep 18, 2011
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What I did.

Exported all contacts to SD card. Took card out of phone and put it in laptop.

Used gmail import feature to get those contacts into Gmail.

Used "merge" feature of Gmail to handle duplicates.

Factory reset to get rid of motorola and Verizon linked contacts and to reset/stop Verizon backup.

Repopulated from Gmail which makes all contacts Google/Gmail contacts...should be as simple as adding your account and syncing.

Never...ever....turn on Verizon backup. There is no way to stop it once started. Use Gmail for backup. For each and every new contact ensure you place them in your Google account backup (add as Gmail contact) and not as Verizon or anything else (motorola/facebook/etc.).

This might be able to be done without factory reset if you have not turned on Verizon backup but I do not know the method to get all contacts to Google status without exporting/importing...not unless you "redo" each one individually.

I had 900 contacts so individually was not an option for me.

Factory reset will make you lose everything not backed up (apps/contacts/calendar/widgets/settings/etc..)

Only do it if you truly know what you are doing and are certain you have your data secured off phone.

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