2.2 upgrade.


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Jan 20, 2011
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I ve had my Fascinate since January, and still no update! Verizon keeps telling me it's coming but apparently not to my phone!!

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There are some fascinate phones that will not accept the OTA update. Mine got it but my nephew's phone did not. We tried again the other day without success. After reading many posts there seems to be 3 ways to go about getting the update...

1) Go to Verizon, they will try to do it without any success. They will do factory reset, they will do other things yet nothing will happen. Then they will exchange your phone for another phone most likely.
2) Find an old phone and redo your account onto your old phone. After that's done, redo your account back to your fascinate. Then do the update. This seems to work from the posts that I've read.
3) Root your phone and get 2.1. Plenty of posts on how to do that. This seems to do the trick also.

So unless you want to get a refurbished fascinate phone (though some people say they got an upgraded phone) from Verzion, you may want to do option 2 or 3. I think option 2 is best since it doesn't require as much work if you have an old phone collecting dust. I have not tried any of these options and have only read several posts about it.

Hope this helps and good luck.