2.2 Change - Beep and vibrate when turning off?


Sep 23, 2010
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Just got the 2.2 update yesterday. Now, when I shut the phone off, it beeps once and vibrates briefly. The day before it said "Loss of Service" and played the notification tone I set.

What's interesting is that I still have my notification tone set to Moonbeam and that works. I have the main ringtone set to Mildly Alarming and that works. Both are what were set in 2.1

At no time did I set anything to vibrate or beep. So, why is 2.2 beeping/vibrating when turning the phone off and how can I change this?

Sorry for the lame question. I'll continue looking on my own but if anyone knows the quick answer or can tell me what I'm just not seeing, I'd appreciate it.


i don't think it has anything to do with anything you did, mine does the same now too. somewhere in the settings i turned haptic response off a while ago, and this is the only time my phone vibrates now. annoying little bonus 'feature' with froyo i guess. i expect within a few days we'll be seeing some new fixes for the extra issues the update brought to us