1. A

    Mysterious Highly Annoying Apparition Axon

    I just got a ZTE Axon, the original one, not the 7, from amazon unlocked. About a day after setting up I sarted noticing this strange ghost that will appear on my home screens. It looks like a snapchat ghost and moves around like a facebook chat bubble. Its only on home screens, but it's still...
  2. B


    Hi! I've always loved Samsung galaxy a series phones, but I'm venturing been into the ZTE world with my new ZTE ZMAX PRO & so far I'm loving it
  3. DroidModderX

    Specs List Revealed For ZTE's Crowd Sourced Hawkeye Phone

    We have seen companies fund their device manufacturing in many different ways. OnePlus had their notorious invite system while other manufacturers have simply utilized pre-orders to gauge how many devices they needed to build. ZTE has decided to go a whole new route. They crowdfunded the Hawkeye...
  4. DroidModderX

    Official CyanogeMod May Soon Come To The Axon 7 by ZTE

    ZTE appears to be working directly with Cyanogen to finally bring official Cyanogen Mod support to the Axon 7. ZTE has mentioned that they will provide hardware to the team to speed up the process of getting the official Rom on the phone. While ZTE is doing their very best to bring the Rom to...
  5. DroidModderX

    ZTE Phones Will Feature The Fleksy Keyboard

    There are hundreds if not thousands of custom keyboards on the Google Play Store. Many of these are standard, but a few stand out. Fleksy is one of the few that stand out thanks to its integrated GIF keyboard which allows you to find and and send gifs directly from your keyboard. This is also...
  6. W

    ZTE Frozen White Screen (OF DEATH)!

    Hi Everyone, I dropped my ZTE Z820 (Obsidian) on the floor face down. It now has a frozen white screen. I already attempted the hard reset that was recommended but it just flashes the white screen and then back to off. It, obviously, powers up, it rings, produces notification noises. I am...