1. Jonny Kansas

    Welcome to the Smartwatch section!

    Use this section to discuss your chosen smartwatch. Please be sure to include the OS that your watch is running if it's not a well-known device.
  2. DroidModderX

    LG Will Announce The V30 In Just A Few Hours! You Can Watch It HERE!

    LG will be unveiling their latest flagship geared towards the power user live from Berlin in just a few hours. We know just about everything there is to know about the LG V30 minus any surprises they may have up their sleeves. We know we will be getting a high quality Quad DAC, dual camera with...
  3. DroidModderX

    OnePlus 5 Launch Day Is Today Here Is Where You Can Watch It.

    The OnePlus 5 launch goes live in roughly 3 hours. The event is scheduled for 12PM EDT. Thanks to an exclusive behind the scenes look granted to the verge yesterday we know a good bit about the new phone. We know that OnePlus has decided to focus mainly on the camera experience this time around...
  4. DroidModderX

    Huawei and Fossil Updating Their Smart Watches To Android 2.0 In March

    I have the Huawei Watch and love it. It is great to have your step count and to be able to check notifications right there on your wrist. It also helps to be able to check the time without pulling your phone out of your pocket. Wearing the watch means I spend less time taking my phone out of my...
  5. DroidModderX

    EPIC Windows 98 Smartwatch!

    Who needs Android Wear 2.0 or an apple watch when you can have your very own epic Windows 98 smartwatch?! 314Reactor hacked together his very own Windows 98 smartwatch out of a Rasberry Pi. He was able to install an emulation on the Pi device. He then used a small display and strapped the whole...
  6. DroidModderX

    Huawei May Be Releasing A New Smart Watch At Mobile World Congress.

    Huawei has one of the best Android Smart Watches around with the Huawei Watch. My Huawei watch has been my favorite smart watch so far so I was pretty excited to hear that Huawei will likely release an all new smart watch at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks. Huawei recently sent out a teaser...
  7. DroidModderX

    DEAL: Fosil Q Founder Now $190

    One of my favorite Android watches from last year was the Q Founder series from Fossil. The Fossil Q Founder series was the sharpest looking in my opinion. It is also made by one of my favorite watch brands. The screen on last years model is a bit sharper than the cheaper screens used on this...
  8. Jonny Kansas

    [RUMOR] Next Huawei watch to run Tizen...?

    We haven't heard much from Huawei about new smartwatches since their original effort was announced at MWC 2015 and released thereafter, but a new report out of China may rekindle that flame in a strange way. A daily paper, JoongAng Ilbo, is reporting that Huawei has been working with none other...
  9. DroidModderX

    MORE Amazon DEALS! Kindle Fire, Huawei Watch and More! Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

    Earlier today David let us in on some incredible Amazon deals, but there are actually a few more incredible deals you won't want to miss. I've got 3 really awesome can't miss deals for y'all. First up the 7" 5th Generation Amazon Kindle Fire is on sale for $39.99! That means the tablet is $10...
  10. DroidModderX

    Michael Kors Will Be Releasing An Android Wear Watch

    Finally the perfect watch to get your wife all in on Android Wear! Michael Kors just announced the Access. This watch will feature exclusive MK watch faces, interchangeable bands (leather, metal, silicon) and of course it will be running Android Wear. The watch will only set you back $395 and...
  11. DroidModderX

    Huawei Watch On Sale Today! Up To $130 OFF!

    Early on LG and Motorola paved the way in the Android Smart Watch market. The G Watch and Moto 360 quickly became the top of the pack both having a more traditional round watch face. To everyone's surprise Huawei released the most elegant Android Smartwatch of the year last year. This watch is...
  12. Jonny Kansas

    Martian Notifier hybrid smartwatch on DEEP Discount!

    Droid Life Deals has the Martian Notifier for 75% off. That's less than $36 for this watch that retails for around $130. The special thing about this watch? It's an analog watch with a small scrolling screen below. The analog portion has a battery said to last up to 2 years. The smartwatch...
  13. DroidModderX

    Fossil Q Founder Android Smart Watch Now Available!

    I can remember a time when all I wanted for Christmas was a Fossil watch! They were all the rage in school and all the cool kids had one. Now you can get one for $20 at the local outlet mall. However Fossil watches still hold a place in my heart. If I actually wore a watch on a regular basis it...
  14. DroidModderX

    Chronos Makes Any Watch A Smart Watch!

    If you just dropped $20k on a new Rolex you can probably afford a shiny new Moto 360, but why in the world would you want to wear a Moto 360 when you can wear a Rolex?! Maybe because you like the idea of a device that can track your steps, your heart rate, and can curate notifications! With...