1. Jsmi89

    Any solution to this issue?

    I have a samsung s20 which still works fine/plays notifications but the screen has completely blanked. The problem with taking the phone to the store to be fixed is that everything I have is unlocked. All my apps, emails, banks etc but I have no way to do a factory reset as I can't see the...
  2. I

    Why Does My Zenfone Use So Much RAM?

    Hello im still new in this forum and im currently in need of help before i state my problem my phone is Asus Zenfone 2 Z00AD (the one with 4GB ram) My Problem is : why is my ram eating so much when it just started up and not opening any applications?it eat like 40-50% RAM without any APP i tried...
  3. W

    ZTE Frozen White Screen (OF DEATH)!

    Hi Everyone, I dropped my ZTE Z820 (Obsidian) on the floor face down. It now has a frozen white screen. I already attempted the hard reset that was recommended but it just flashes the white screen and then back to off. It, obviously, powers up, it rings, produces notification noises. I am...