1. H

    Getting spammed with different errors on Lenovo Tablet

    So a few days ago my mum brought home a "Lenovo 2 tab a7-30f" tablet. She found it in front of a neighbours house with a sign that said "free tablet, still working". She gave it to me and asked me if I could get it to work and I quickly discovered the reason why it was given away: When you turn...
  2. A

    Unfortunately app stopped on multiple apps

    My friend has a Nook, and has been playing games on it fine up until Monday. Now it won’t let her play FreeCell. I tested other apps, and most others also have the same issue (Firefox, Twitter, etc.). I receive a message that says “unfortunately app (it names it) stopped, and it goes back to...
  3. SectumSempra07

    Random Error message " has stopped"

    Two days days ago I started getting this message that pops up "Unfortunately, has stopped" with an "OK" button to press. No other information is provided with the error.It happens randomly. No pattern that I can detect. I have no clue what it means or how to fix it. I'm...
  4. A

    Solved Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Message not sent error yet messages are being recieved

    I've tried a bunch of the things other threads have said, restarting, deleting cache, deleting old messages, downloading handcent SMS, deleting Facebook, nothing seems to work. I can even text myself, the text gets received before the app says it failed! This is incredibly frustrating and I'd...
  5. DroidModderX

    How To Fix "Recovery Is Not Seadroid Enforcing" Galaxy S6

    One error that you can run into when you are modding your Galaxy S6 is the "Recovery Is Not Seandroid Enforcing". This error is similar to a bootloop except all you will get is a Samsung logo with the recovery text in the top left hand of the screen. If you experience this don't panic you...