1. DroidModderX

    VIDEO- Samsung Galaxy S9 5 Best And Worst Things!

    The Galaxy S9 will be hitting the doorstep of those who have pre-ordered within the next day or so. There are plenty of things to love about the Galaxy S9, but there are also a few pain points. These are the 5 best and worst things about the Galaxy S9.
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    Official Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Accessories Announced

    With every new smartphone announcement Samsung is known for also announcing a full lineup of device specific accessories. Samsung official accessories are some of the most beloved when it comes to OEM accessories. Their are plenty of all new designs here as well as some familiar designs. For...
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    Sony's New SD Cards Are The World's Fastest!

    Now that 4K video is becoming more and more normal we need SD cards that can keep up. The current high speed cards can keep up pretty well with 4K, but those 4K files are huge and can take a while to transfer to your PC for editing. The all new Sony SF-G series can read up to 300MB/s and write...
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    Wireless Controller For The NES Classic!

    The NES Classic was one of the most viral gift items for Christmas 2016. It was son popular that you couldn't really find it anywhere. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one there is one little issue that may be driving you bonkers by now. The controller that comes with the device has...
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    BOSE Releases Wireless Headphones With Quiet Comfort Noise Cancellation!

    Wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead of using ethernet most of us almost exclusively use Wifi or cellular data. House phones have been wireless for over a decade. Cable boxes now receive their signals wirelessly. Cell phones can charge without being plugged in. Hopefully one...
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    Galaxy S7 Edge Has The Best SmartPhone Camera Ever According To DxOMark

    My earlier Galaxy S7 Edge camera observations were unmerited according to DxOMark who has named the Galaxy S7 Edge camera the best Smartphone camera ever! I took some shots in low light settings last week. The shots I took had much more grain than I would have liked to see. Shots were very good...
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    Big App SALE On The Play Store!

    If you are looking for a fun way to blow this weeks paycheck I don't have anything for you. If you want to grab a few awesome apps that also won't break the bank you are in luck! There are quite a few major apps on sale in the Play Store. Some titles include Duck Tales Remasterd, Castle of...
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    85 QHD Wallpapers Inspired By Nature!

    Some of the best scenes come directly from nature! From Sun sets to beaches to forests, and sandscapse the most beautiful visuals are all around us. High res photos of mother nature in all her glory can make for a stunning cell phone wallpaper. The fellas over at Android Guys have uploaded 85...
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    Buy Select Movies From The Play Store Get One Free To Gift To A Friend!

    What do you buy your friends for Christmas? If you have a bunch of friends and coworkers you probably want to get them all a little something, but you don't want to look cheap and you probably don't want to break the bank. In this day and age I think we are past the "fruitcake" gift. Google is...
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    VIDEO- Vinsic 10400mah Power Bank + Wireless Charger

    When I saw this product for the first time I did a double take. Not only is it a wireless charger it is also a portable battery bank. It houses 10400mah of juice which can charge most phones up more than 3 times. As far a design goes, it is made of super light plastic and could have been more...