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    ★ ★ ★ Leave the as soon as possible the most dangerous zone of Chernobyl, a ride on the legendary Soviet UAZ, zatyunenguyte his car by security forces of the Soviet Union ★ ★ ★

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    In this game you have to go in the "Zone of Alienation," in the role of a carefree young driver. He raced on the roads currently in the Pripyat River, but the way it came across a blind dog-mutant. Not having to slow down, our hero is knocked down and broke his Beast "Gazelle". Waking up after a few hours of oblivion, man noted with surprise that he is still alive, and said garages near the scene of the accident, which rot among the crooked trees ...
    Hoping he went there and found a "Zaporozhets". It's certainly not a "Gazelle," thought the boy, but still better than nothing, he decided, and began Kolupaev in the ignition the car.
    Here's to control his car and be a player. First, there will be little fuel and the engine rotten. As we move to "Zone" will be accessible to the funds for which you can buy fuel, improve engine and even get a "UAZ". Where did all this to take in the godforsaken hole? And who knows what other secrets it keeps a deserted place, called the "Exclusion Zone" ...

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    Your job is something to leave the area as quickly as possible.Key features include:* Dynamic gameplay
    * Beautiful graphics
    * The atmosphere of an abandoned Soviet cities.
    * Three types of machines (ZAZ, UAZ, ZIL) c possibility to repaint them.
    * The ability to upgrade any equipment (wheels, transmission, engine etc.)
    * Realistic physics

    Download free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=agaming.zonalite
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