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    I got a new car. :icon_ banana: It happens to be a Chevy that is supported by GM's OnStar RemoteLink software for Android phones. I am unable to download it to my Droid 2 because, according to OnStar CSR, the phone must have a WVGA or HVGA format. :( Well, the Droid 2 has an FWVGA screen with an addition 54 pixels in the long direction (854x480).

    Can someone tell me why an app like this couldn't work in this configuration? Is there anyway to fool the marketplace to giving me the app? Does anyone have the apk that I could sideload to my phone?

    I would really like to try out this app but OnStar is not giving me any estimate of when they might "support" the Droid. :(

    Dave G.
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