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    Hi all,

    This is my first guide and I am not sure if this is something that people really care about but I noticed a post about wifi mounting the droid in windows but I dont have windows so I not being really linux learned yet had to research how to do what that program did by myself and figured I would pass on what I learned. This is helpful for those of you that want to connect your droid up and manage your sdcard without having your cable nearby.

    Bear in mind I am using ubuntu so my instructions might need tweaking for your flavor of linux.

    1. Determine the ip your droid has assigned to it. Best bet is to assign a static one in your router setup page. That varies per router how to do it. Else you would have to do this step every time you want to connect to your Droid. There is a great guide on this page here:
    WWW FAQs: How do I give my computer a static local IP address?

    2. Download and install ftpserver from the market on your droid and run it.

    3. Goto Settings and Edit the following:

    Port: 2002 (or any above 2000)
    Default dir: /sdcard

    Accept Wifi Connections

    Your Droid is now set up lets move on to your computer.

    4. First things first is to run the following command in a terminal:
    sudo apt-get install curlftpfs

    5. Create a text file I used gedit to do so you may use whatever you like, and put the following lines of code into it:

    if [ $(mount | grep -c ~/PHONE) != 1 ]
    sudo mkdir ~/PHONE/
    sudo curlftpfs YOURUSERNAME:YOURPASSWORD@IPADDRESSFROMSTEP1:2002 ~/PHONE/ -o allow_other
    sudo umount ~/PHONE/
    sudo rmdir ~/PHONE/

    Save this as a file with no extension and then when done right click on it and select properties. Under permissions check make file executable. Place this in a good location to access it easily. When it asks run it in terminal.

    OPTIONAL: (to create toggle switch)
    6. Right click the panel (taskbar?) above desktop and select add to panel.. Pick Custom application launcher.

    7. Input the following information:
    Type: Application in Terminal
    Name: Mount Toggle (Or whatever you please)
    Command: Location of the file you made earlier. (Use browse to find it easier)
    Hit ok

    There ya go after following all of these steps you will be able to hit the toggle switch at the top (mine looks like a springed platform) and it will mount/unmount your phone and should put a device on the desktop for easy access.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Edit: Credit goes to RinTinTigger for his post on wifi with windows : [HowTo] Wifi Mount your DROID
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