wifi connection drops after ~15-20 min

Discussion in 'Droid 2 Tech Issues' started by dstonier, Oct 30, 2010.

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    I've got a new Droid2 and wifi capabilities work just fine, but i noticed today while i was at work, had it plugged into my laptop via usb, set to just charge, connected to the wifi network(only - no cell service), running pandora... all of the sudden the music stops, i look and it lost its wireless connection. If i goto settings and open wireless networks, it immediately reestablishes a connection.

    Anyone else experience this? Wonder if it's a power option i'm unaware of...

    Another note: there is a company security policy setup that forces the device to lock after 15 minutes and requires either password or pin to unlock... not sure if that would affect this or not, but it seems that every time the wifi dies, its after the lockout timer. will have to take note of how long it actually takes for it to die.

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