White LG Nexus 4 Coming May 29th; LG is Not Making the Nexus 5 & More

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, May 28, 2013.

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    We have two pieces of news coming out of the LG camp today. First, that white LG Nexus 4 we have been seeing picture over the last couple of weeks turned out to be the real deal. LG just officially announced the device. It will launch on May 29th in Hong Kong first, and then filter out to the rest of the globe within a few weeks after that.

    LG didn't share any pricing for the device, but they did share something on a different subject worth paying attention to. Apparently, LG will not be making the next pure Android Google phone, the Nexus 5. Furthermore, LG confirmed they do not plan on offering a Google Edition (Pure Android) version of any of their other phones. Here's a quote with more of the details,

    Won Kim, VP of LG Mobile in Europe said,
    This seems intriguing. Since LG does sell the Nexus 4, it perhaps makes sense they wouldn't offer a pure Android version of any of their flagship phones. It's interesting to see they won't be building the next Nexus phone? Sound off and share which OEM you guys think will get the next Nexus.

    Quick Update: Won Kim later issued a followup statement clarifying LG's position on the Nexus 5: “What Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity.” This is interesting and suggests that Google chose to go with someone else this time. What do you guys think?

    Source: Phandroid