White blinking light won't stop blinking!

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    Hello. I've had my Motorola Spice Key (XT316) for about 2 weeks, and it's been working fine up to now. Yesterday the battery was running low, at about 15% (and the low battery light was blinking), so I left it charging during the night. This morning I unplugged it from the charger and turned it on. After the system was turned on the white notification (?) light started to blink. No, there were no notifications to be seen. I killed every possible app the could be doing this; I tried installing a light-controlling app (and it did not work AT ALL); I've disabled the light notifications in every app I have (including Gmail, which I know normally has this kind of problem); I've turned the phone off and even removed the battery many times and yet the white light still blinks for no reason, even when the screen is off. My Android is 2.3. I'd appreciate any kind of help.

    Ps: 2 days ago I tried to write a sms with my phone and the physical keyboard did not respond. I rebooted it and it worked.
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